Memory Book

Looking forward to reading all the memories of my Dad from family, friends, and colleagues.


I was the government’s public information officer ... and Frank was a beacon for me and the Washington press corps in the 1970s. Thoughtful, extraordinarily intelligent, patient, articulate. A warm sharp sense of humor and an understanding of what citizens truly cared about in government. It was an honor to know and work with him. His passing saddens me but he always inspired me. My condolences to his family.

Rick Wade

While we know Frank deliberated many "serious" issues, there was (at last) one that brought a few chuckles. That was the Turtle Bill. I researched and prepared the legislation that prohibited the sale of little turtles at pet stores, circuses, etc.

They were bred in human waste in the Gulf states and 90% were thought to carry salmonella. That can be deadly to infants and seniors and did scatological things to dogs that licked the turtle bowls.

We were the first jurisdiction to enact this legislation. Washington State was second. Federal government came along about four years later.

On the day the bill was signed, my daughters went to the pet store in Bowie to buy a turtle in celebration. The store owner informed them that some silly lady in Upper Marlboro has prevented them from being sold.

Judy "The Turtle Lady" Colbert

Hello I have never met you but after meeting one of your sons and working for him I can tell you were a nice father and person and should be proud of your legacy Michael.



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